Metal Roofing Costs

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Understanding Metal Roofing Costs

If you’re researching a metal roof for your home, at some point you’re bound to wonder what would be the cost of a good metal roof. Yet, if you search for “Metal Roofing Prices,” you get very little information that is helpful.  The fact is that understanding the costs of metal roofing is happens to be a little more complex than assigning a quick dollar figure to the job.

As we go down through the options, realize that our metal roofing price estimates are installed prices per square foot of roof space. The range of prices is based upon those many factors listed above which vary with each installation. In no cases have we allowed for the extra cost of removing and disposing of old roofing materials. (Keep in mind that many metal roofs, especially the heavily formed ones, can often be installed over your old shingles, saving you money and also saving landfill space while increasing your home’s thermal mass and energy efficiency.)

  • At the low end of metal roofing prices will be products with exposed fasteners. These products often have lower grade paint finishes and may be made of lower grade base steels. These products have very few flashings, relying more on sealants and simply overhanging the panels at their lower end. Expect to pay from $4.50 – $7.00 per square foot of roof space for these products, installed.
  • Next, from a metal roof price perspective, you will move into steel standing seam and steel shingles. Again, there are wide differences in quality available. You will find some of these products with sub-standard metals and coatings. You will want something that is at least G90 galvanized steel or AZ 50 galvalume steel, with a Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based finish in order to expect a good life from the product. Expect to pay from $8.50 – $12.00 for these products. In some cases, the accessories for these roofs will be factory-formed and others will be site-formed.
  • The next level will be higher-end steel shingles, as well as aluminum shingles. Aluminum standing seam will also be on the higher end of this range. These products are known for their many benefits and have very long, proven histories. Most all of the accessories and trims will be factory-formed for quality and consistency. They also add a great deal of beauty and curb appeal to any home. These become a durable, lasting home addition. The formed nature of these products provides additional energy efficiency through a built-in airspace or “thermal break” to minimize conductive heat transfer into your attic during the summer. These products also have fade and chalk-resistant PVDF coatings, usually with reflective pigment for even enhanced energy efficiency. The installed metal roof price for these will vary typically from $10.00 – $16.00.
  • The next highest genre of metal roofs are called “exotic” metals. These products consist primarily of mill finish zinc or copper products. They are available as standing seam or shingles. Like the higher end metal shingles discussed before, these products become a permanent home asset. They add value and beauty and will be best installed by true craftspeople. Expected costs will be from $18.00 – 25.00.

So, as you have read through this information, you may be wondering who buys metal roofs? In our experience, there are two main criteria that fit most metal roofing customers. First, they care very much about the beauty of their home. They see their homes as a reflection of themselves and they see more beautiful homes as being more inviting, comfortable, and valuable. They like those things. Second, the typical metal roof customer intends to stay in their home through at least one re-roofing cycle. In most areas, that is about 12 – 17 years. They may even intend to leave their home to their children or other family members. They very much take a “life cycle cost” view of things as a result. With roofing prices for any material doubling about every ten years, metal roofing and especially long-lasting metal roofing, makes perfect financial sense to these homeowners. When you add in energy savings, the financial justification becomes even stronger.

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