Weather Resistance

Alberta’s climate is known for the old saying “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes!” Throughout Alberta, and certainly in Southern parts of the province, extreme weather conditions are a normal part of most days. With everything from softball sized hail bombing out of the skies above Cardston and Lethbridge, to hurricane caliber chinook winds ripping and launching shingles, at Supreme Roofing we have seen our fair share of Mother Nature’s victims!

With Kasselwood metal roofs, customers receive a 120 mph wind warranty. Additionally, our products carry the UL 2218 Class IV Impact resistance rating. The textured panels resist and even mask hail indentation and are warranted to not chip or leak due to hail.

The Class IV Impact Resistance Rating

Metal roofs installed by Supreme Roofing, as well as other metal roofs, have been used extensively in severe hail areas with great success. Kasselwood metal roofs are guaranteed to not leak after hail storms and the coatings on the roofs are also guaranteed to not chip due to hail.  Additionally, metal roofing installed by Supreme Roofing is designed resist hail on day one just as well as after the years pass by.  That is not the case with most other roofing materials which become soft or even brittle as they age, making them more susceptible to hail damage.

Our products, as well as most metal roofs, carry the UL 2218 Class IV Impact Resistance rating. This is the highest rating available and, to pass the test, the products must survive a hit by a 2” steel ball dropped from 20’ in the air without splitting or coming apart. That is significant and few types of roofing can pass that test.

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